Brand Story

Sly Sport is an online retail shop founded by Sylvester "Sly" Jackson. This New York based shop sells an eclectic mix of cool graphic apparel and accessories of its own brand. However, Sly Sport is also partnered with fulfillment centers that champion's its production, quality control and shipments.

Sly Sport is inspired by the courageous and culturally diverse landscape of New Yorkers. Their survival and motivational skills directs a higher level of excellence. Because of their maverick attitude, they inspire the slogan,“ON THE MOVE”. There independent nature influences a culture that ranges from skateboarders, street performers, artists, cyclist, athletes to college and industry professionals.

Sly Sport is also a creative extension of its founder in contrasted to the vibrate culture of inner city doers. Their culture is like a “SPORT”. A Sport in their mental state of mind, social issues, spirituality, sexuality, hustle and attitude.
Nevertheless, Sly Sport's mantra is; “B ACTIVE B AGGRESSIVE B MASSIVE B SLY”. This run on phase captures the everyday interactions of big city life. It's a source of inspiration to aspire to. It's defined as follows:   
B ACTIVE is being in the act of doing. Always be in a constant state of pursuing your goals; Regardless of what situations that may come your way.
B AGGRESSIVE is having the driving initiative to go for what you really want. Take no prisoners and don’t apologize for taking what’s yours.
B MASSIVE is making huge efforts to forge, conquer and achieve your goals. Be big and bold about what you’re doing. Announce to the world that you exist.
B SLY is being cunning, focused and clear about what you’re doing. Be smart and strategize your successes.
381 and 7 are the mystic symbolic numbers that represent the strength and vitality of Sly Sport Clothing,LLC. They are defined as follows:
Three is Lucky 3; which is to be safe and protected.
Eight is Infinite 8; which is to be unlimited and balanced.
One is World 1; which is to be world renowned.
Seven is Fortune 7; which is to be financially abundant.    
The Mystic Comet Star logo is the Sly Sport mascot. This symbol symbolizes the energy and vitality of Millennials and Generation Z. They are actively always on the move. They have an aggressive attitude that keeps them motivated. They massively promote themselves through social media as well as being sly about the way they handle their business.